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Approximately 25LBS of local, grass-fed beef. A variety of steaks, roasts, and more. All grown on the California Central Coast and processed at J&R Meats in Paso Robles.

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Our Grass-fed Beef Butcher Box features locally raised, ethically sourced and handled, all-natural beef that is a nutritious, delicious alternative to grocery store feedlot beef. Each steer is born and raised to maturity, 100% grassfed, on the green pastures of the California Central Coast with no hormones, commerical feed, or antibiotics. It is then processed locally here at J&R.

The package is a 25 pound box containing dry aged, vacuum packed, and frozen beef. Boxes can be picked up at either of our locations (Paso Robles or Templeton) or shipped to your home or business.

The Grass-fed Beef Butcher Box includes, approximately:

steaks (rib, New York, top sirloin) 6 lbs.

roasts, 6 lbs.

ground beef 8 lbs.

short ribs, stew meat, kabobs, etc. 5 lbs

Grower Notes

Grassfed beef offers a healthier alternative for people concerned about the quality and origin of their meats. These are free range cattle that get plenty of room to roam on many open acres of pasture. They are never given antibiotics or hormones. They are harvested locally, never trucked to a faraway slaughter plant, before aging and packaging at J&R Meats.

    Inspiring Californians to adopt a new perspective on healthfully feeding their families by providing a convenient and affordable resource to obtain locally and ethically sourced natural meats.