Grass-fed Half-Lamb Butcher Box

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Approximately 20LBS of local, grass-fed lamb. A variety of steaks, roasts, and more. All grown on the California Central Coast and processed at J&R Meats in Paso Robles.

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Our local, grass-fed lamb is unbeatable. The animals were raised on alfalfa stubble and grasses, and never given any antibiotics, hormones or grains. The proof is in the taste--succulent and flavorful. Our new Butcher's Lamb Half is a 20 pound box. It contains the following:

Loin and sirloin chops Shoulder steaks O--bone shoulder roast Leg of lamb cut in Ground lamb Shanks, stew meat, and riblets

    Inspiring Californians to adopt a new perspective on healthfully feeding their families by providing a convenient and affordable resource to obtain locally and ethically sourced natural meats.